When the current generation of Toyota Corolla came out a few years ago we thought it.

was the best driving Corolla ever and of course Toyota is now

building on this with a super hot hatch called the gr Corolla but I think it’s.

going to be like 80 grand what if you only want to spend I don’t know 37 000

well this is how much Toyota Corolla you’re going to be able to get for that

kind of money this is the SX hybrid Hutch totally mid-range car here in

Australia and in today’s video I’m going to take you through what’s really good

1:about this Corolla and what’s not so good where it could be improved.

In the future Chasing Cars honest reviews of your next car brought to you by

it’s an important time to do a Corolla review because it’s just had a bit of a

midlife upgrade in particular the hybrid system that’s in this car actually got

quite a lot more power it’s going from 90 kilowatts to 103 Screaming kilowatts

and as we’ll find out. in today’s article that makes it usefully faster

in the real world we’ll do the zero to 100 we’ll test them the brakes we’ll look at

the boot we’ll talk about the running costs everything but before we get

started hit subscribe down below jump into the cabin of the 2023 Corolla

and you find largely the same interior as when this version of the Corolla

launch but there are a couple of changes if you look closely but the overall

theme in here is a little bit gray a little bit conservative but the build

quality is fantastic and virtually everything is where you would expect it

to be so absolute par for the course for a Toyota in that case and that’s fine

because you just get what you think you’re gonna get out of a Toyota Corolla

and that kind of gets the job done but if you’re looking for a small car with a

2: little bit more Flair inside you’re going to want to look at something like a Mazda 3.

however let’s go through what we do have here we’ve got a new

touchscreen it’s only eight inches in size and so it has this Mega bezel a bit

like a ye oldie first gen iPad or something but thankfully the software

that runs within it is really good it’s Toyota’s new infotainment system you’ve

got quick shortcut keys running down the right hand side Wireless Apple carplay

but only wired Android auto however you get built-in navigation dab radio and

Bluetooth everything works just great the car also has a data connection which

is pretty cool and it can show you your trip information you can do a multimedia

link and you have some Safety and Security functions as well however it’s

only free for the first 12 months after that it becomes a subscription service

so clearly a Toyota have looked at what BMW are doing and have gone yep we want

some of that sweet sweet recurring Revenue

beautiful looking forward we also have a relatively sort of medium-sized digital

instrument cluster that works fine but if you go for the Corolla ZR you

actually get a 12.3 inch digital instrument beneficial which is really

Mega the ZR is also the Corolla with the coolest interior it gets sport bucket

seats with power adjustment here in the SX we’ve got a much more standard seat

it does have kind of a pocket design it’s gray fabric it’s very great but the

seat itself is fairly comfortable and supportive I wish there was adjustment

for the thigh angle however and the driving position is good but not great

something like a golf puts you in a more supportive more ergonomically sound

position for long drives but I think I would get on just fine with the Corolla

as for storage we’ve got Wireless smartphone charging here medium sized

cup holders and a door beam which will stretch to fit a big bottle it kind of

feels like you’re going to break it while you’re doing it but you can get it

in there and the materials well they’re actually hard on the door which is a

shock but it’s all soft and Squishy up here on the dashboard

as small cars go the Toyota Corolla hatch is pretty small something like a

Kia cerato is going to be roomier but it’s also a bigger car on the road which

makes it more difficult to park and a little bit less fun to drive the Corolla

3: is great at that stuff but the back seat is not one of the biggest and you can.

See that for me at six foot I am okay I’ve got enough room but it’s not

luxurious so Headroom it’s good enough legroom I’ve got an inch or two tow room

is a little bit tight but I get bite in terms of fifth person well there’s a

tiny middle seat so you could I guess use it if you had to unfortunately

there’s no rear air vents there’s like a space here for a useless cubby hole

where there should be air vents but you don’t find any hard materials on the

doors no USB ports back here and you do get to put that armrest

though in every single Corolla hatch in the range gets that which is cool now

all this is not really a problem because Toyota has about 50 different SUV models

that they can sell you if what you want is a roomier car or something like a

Camry in fact there’s the new Corolla cross for growing families so I’d

actually say the Corolla is going to be your bag if you’re a single a couple

you’ve got a dog you’re not actually going to use these back seats all that

often well there had to be a major downside

somewhere and unfortunately it happens to be to do with this rather pert

looking behind open up the manual tailgate and you find nothing Well 217

liters of boot space which is pathetic when you consider that something like a

golf has 381 liters in a similarly sized package.


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