So I vowed to never be an SUV person but that all changed when I had a kid so I understand.

if you’re looking at one of these, this is the Porsche Macan and yes I understand this

is about to get replaced but I thought, we’d have a crack in  this because it is

still purchased by a lot of people in Australia and it’s the cheapest way to

get yourself into a Porsche this one here is the Macan T it’s one up from

the base model this compared to things like the Mercedes-Benz GLC the BMW X3.

1: And the Audi Q5 it’s priced at just over 90,000$, but if that’s too expensive.

The whole age kicks off it a little under 90 grand, as well today we’re going to do a

detailed review of this car so if you do want to skip ahead to other parts of

this review, you can use the time codes on the screen or if you’re on Website

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Let’s talk exterior you’ve got 12 external colors to pick from orbit black

and white, are going to seat you back at least eighteen hundred dollars, they get

progressively more expensive, as you go to the special colors and I think you

can spend like 16 or 17 grand on like a special, you know pick your own color

type thing color match setup, so you can spend a lot of money on

colors in short I do like this setup here though, the mccanty is designed to be

it’s kind of like designed to be a slightly paired back version that

focuses on sportiness without having to spend heaps of money on the top spec

turbo or the V6 version of this as well, so that’s kind of the niche it aims for

and that’s why it’s powered by a two liter four-cylinder instead of a V6,

it’ll be Keen to see whether that’s powerful enough to actually get this

thing up and moving on the design front beautiful Porsche Crest up, the front

there and then big grill down the bottom here with active louvers in there as

well a little radar sensor there and a camera there for the 360 camera I like.

2: The way they’ve split this up so you’ve got the color of the top there a little.

Bit of black down here and then there’s graphite finish, down there before you go

further down at the front this is actually moving to an EV so the next

generation of the Macan, will be an AV and I’m excited to drive that as well

because, Porsche they’ve kind of got all the the Bedrock there with the taikan

and the fact that they’re going to now transfer a lot of that with new

technologies, to this is an SUV, I think it’s pretty cool so over here on

the hill lights, you have full LED headlights with LED daytime running lights, as well

a little bit of arrow down here but, it’s kind of just a cookie catcher for rocks

You can see a Little Rock embedded in there as well whip around to the side here.

now you’ve got an array of Wheels to choose from here this particular car is

fitted with the 20 inch alloy wheels this also is running the optional

adaptive air suspension, so the Macan T is actually 15 mil lower than the

standard, Macan if you then go for the Adaptive air suspension as well it drops

at a further 10 millimeters, so you do have pretty aggressive and sporty

looking sort of silhouette on the side there it looks more like a sports car

than it does an SUV so you’re kind of getting the practicality of both of

those worlds decent profile on that type, so it should mean that this actually

rides nicely so in terms of braking, you have a four piston caliper on a 350 mil

rotor that drops to a 330 mil rotor on the rear tires I like that design as

well graphite finish on the wheels, which is cool jumping up the top here you’ve

got more graphite there on that Wing mirror with an indicator built into

there camera over here for the 360 camera nice little subtle micante,

inscription there on the side that follows, all the way down the edge of the

car now this car can be optioned with a lot of stuff and while the base price of.

3: This is just over 90 grand this is fitted with like 30 000 worth of options.

And to be honest I can’t really see thirty thousand dollars worth of options,

on this uh so yeah keep that in mind when you’re reading this review if you

go to order one of these you are going to have to open up the purse, because the

car with no options is pretty basic including on the safety front, which I’ll

run you through later on roof rails up, the top here full glass roof optioned on

this car privacy glass and then a whip around to the back more of a graphite

finish on the top there on that spoiler with a brake light built into there a

little boot Button just there, I like this led that runs along the back of the

car with indicators built into their full LED setup Porsche lettering, there

with Macan T and this also has the quad exhaust pipes this car is also optioned,

with the optional Sports exhaust system too so we’ll see whether that sounds any,

good ones it’s on the Move now let me know, what you reckon about the Macan

this has been out for ages now and they’ve kind of uh progressed

The Styling a little bit as they’ve gone on Keen to understand what you think

of the design and whether you think it actually still looks good let me know what you

think down in the comments section below so we’re inside the McCann we’ll start

off with the key there it is there you’ve got unlock lock boot little

Porsche logo up the top love this it’s in the shape of a car as well which I

think is pretty cool as an option, you can also get this color

coded to your.

Car too and instead of a push button start you actually have like a faux key

they’ve built into the dashboard here so kind of something a little bit different

and unique which I really like the layout of this I also really like as

well it’s all very driver Centric everything is right around me where it

needs to be and it all looks really high-end in premium I think when you

look at this sharing a platform with other Volkswagen group products you don’t feel like.


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