When it comes to making the transition toward fully electric vehicles, Mercedes-Benz started.

That Journey with the flagship sized EQS Sedan nearly two

years ago, here in America I had a chance to drive that vehicle and I was somewhat

impressed with the amount of technology and real world range, that the EQS gave

us now of course as Mercedes continues to move toward being an all-electric

brand by the year 2030 it makes sense for them to introduce a smaller sedan.

1: Which is why I’m standing by this model here this is the 2023 eqe and just like.

The EQS is an S-Class size vehicle, this is about a foot shorter making it more

of an E-class sized luxury sedan and this model here being the 500 version

means, we have standard dual motor all-wheel drive a 90 kilowatt hour

battery pack up to 260 miles of range and a price that is significantly less

versus, the EQS so if you guys are in the market for an electric luxury sedan and

you demand a brand like Mercedes-Benz, how does this 2023 EQS 500 stock up stay tuned to find out.

Normally the part where I’d open up the hood and show you guys if an electric

vehicle has a frunk or not sadly, just like the larger EQS Mercedes does not

allow owners to actually open up the hood, so I can’t show you guys if this

car has a front or not now, I will say that you can get the hood open if you

have the right tools to pop open this cover where the hood latch release would

be and we know that the eqs does not have a frunk because that is where the

HEPA air filtration system lives which is why they don’t let you open it it’s

reserved again for Mercedes-Benz Chuck Mission, but let’s go ahead and talk

about the powertrain specs on this car this is the EQS 500, which is me which

means this comes standard with dual electric motors with dual motor

all-wheel drive it’,s fed by a 90.6 kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery pack

so it’s a little bit smaller versus the one in the flagship EQS and in this car

it makes a pretty good 402 horsepower and 663 pound-feet of torque, that torque

figure is pretty astonishing it’s what makes EVS of course super quick it, just

gives you that instantaneous thrust if you guys don’t require this much power

there’s also an eqe 350 plus with or without 4matic all-wheel drive which

means you have 288 horsepower and around 391 pound-feet of torque with rear wheel

drive I haven’t actually had a chance to drive that model, but that is the base.

2: Version of the car that will get up to 305 miles of range this model here being.

The EQS 500 version gets around 260 miles of range, there’s also an AMG model that

gets up to 667 horsepower that only does around 225 miles of range, which again

the range figures aren’t quite as good as the EQS, because this has a smaller

battery pack now, I do want to show you guys if you can’t get the hood open and

you want to add some windshield washer fluid you actually have to come over

here, to the driver’s side and open up this little flap that is where you fill

the vehicle up with washer fluid so that’s something to keep in mind again

you can open up this Hood if you have the right tools but, let’s talk about

this styling of the eqe because just like on the EQS aerodynamics was the

main priority when it came time to design this vehicle, you can see my

tester is painted in obsidian black I believe it’s an extra charge color and

while, I typically don’t like showing a black press car or black vehicle because

it just doesn’t show well on camera, I have to say that it looks really good in

terms of you know the styling of this car although I will say I still am not

in love with the Jelly Bean shape of this car Mercedes says this vehicle has

a 0.22 coefficient of drag it’s not quite as slippery as the eqs’s point to

zero now looking at the headlights, you can see my tester has the Digital Light

full LED headlights which include an LED daytime running light and turn signal,

these headlights have the ability to project symbols and and signs onto the

road as part of of course their Digital Light technology although it’s, not

technically active here in America, because while they did approve that it.

3: Still hasn’t been put into effect just yet so again something to keep in mind.

Down here you can see there are some fake vents no fog lights, but you do have

that new corporate EQ Grille, that has kind of those three stars in the actual

Grille you have a big Mercedes logo there with a front camera system and of

course there’s no actual opening here down here there are I believe some

active Grille shutters, but this is an EV it doesn’t require uh any kind of

cooling or at least not as much cooling, you can see the slippery shape this like

egg shape the Jelly Bean shape really helps with aerodynamics sadly it, doesn’t

do much for the design of the car and this is where, I do think the eqe has a

slightly better look versus the eqs but remember this car competes with vehicles

like the BMW I4 the Tesla Model S, the Lucid air the Porsche ticon the Audi

e-tron GT and all of those Vehicles just have a more interesting design so it

really disappoints me that Mercedes puts such a high priority on exterior

coefficient of drag versus, The Styling I would happily sacrifice that for a

sexier shape versus this kind of egg look now looking around the side profile

you can see this is a relatively big sedan even though it, is a mid-sized car

it has a 122.9 inch wheelbase so from front wheel to rear wheel, you can really

see just how long the wheelbase is because the front and rear overhang is

really short the overall length is just under 197 inches long so again, it’s

about a foot shorter than the eqs and you can see here my tester has kind of

the standard 19 inch wheels wrapped in a 255 45 r19 Bridgestone all season Tire.


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