Over my shoulder is the new Nissan x-trail e-power hybrid and I’ve actually been really excited to drive.

This new version of the x-trail because the New Gen X Trail is so much better to drive

than the old one but as standard it comes with a pretty old-school 2.5 liter

non-turbo engine well not this one because the x-trail e-power hybrid.

1: Does something pretty cool it’s got two electric motors one on the front axle.

One on the rear axle it’s got a small turbocharged petrol engine, that acts as

a generator for those Motors most of the time and in fact, there’s no physical

connection between the engines and the wheels of this car, so it does hybrid

quite differently to something like a Toyota RAV4 hybrid, now the catch is this

thing is not as fuel efficient as a RAV4 hybrid but and it’s a massive bot, it’s a

lot more refined to drive so you might not care about that shortfall in economy

plus it’s still pretty Frugal so in today’s video I’m going to take you

through what the x-trail hybrid, does well what it gets wrong and what other

cars in this segment, you should closely consider for your next family SUV of

course we’ll take a look inside the back seat and the boot we’ll discuss the

running costs I’ll tell you exactly how much fuel This SUV uses out here in the

real world and then we’ll sum it up and talk about whether you should join the

wait list for an x-trail e-power e-force hybrid.

the previous generation x-trail, always felt like a bit of an appliance and it drove that

way too but with this new generation x-trail on a new platform Nissan has

really upped, the ante in terms of making it feel more premium but honestly

they’ve kind of done that without jacking the prices up or saying that

they’re trying to go really premium, and I think that’s good obviously prices are

up a little bit I mean everything is in the economy right now, and the Hybrid

models do sit at the top of the tree but I don’t think this car is outrageously

priced especially, when you look at the interior and you’re getting a really

nice cabin with this car that definitely feels A Cut Above something like a

Toyota RAV4 or a Hyundai Tucson for instance and that comes down to material.

2: Quality and it comes down to a bunch of nice standard features and that starts.

With this til’s very comfortable seats, which have a quilted Napa leather finish

to them very nice, you can get this black or you can get a two-tone caramel

and black that’s obviously the way to go although I’m not sure that would pair

super well with the Sham campaign hero color of the car maybe under like a Navy

or a black, though it could look quite nice and you do get this brown upper

dashboard, so this kind of mocha treatment in the car that won’t be for

everyone but it doesn’t make a big difference to me another, thing I like is

that you get this kind of open pore look wood trim, it’s not real unfortunately it

is plastic but it’s a very good imitation and it looks quite nice

and makes this car feel more I guess expensive as does the Nappa leather,

finish on the steering wheel new wheel, same as in the Nissan Z sports car we’ve

got these Square buttons here, that looks really cool so the fit and finish and

the materials is definitely a big step above the old x-trail and at the really

pointy, end of the mainstream midsize SUV segment in terms of the tech it’s pretty

good we’ve got a 12.3 inch touchscreen here 12.3 inch digital instrument

cluster and a 10.8 inch color heads up display, so it feels pretty up to the

minute Nissan software looks a little bit dated some of the buttons look a bit

dated a bit 90s but, everything actually kind of comes together just fine and

we’ve got Wireless Apple carplay only wired Android auto but, also built-in

navigation and if you go for the til you get a Bose premium stereo, but even the

standard stereo in the ti sounds pretty good and I think the ti is enough for

most people it still has leather seats, with the option of a lighter color

panoramic sunroof Nappa leather, wheel so you kind of don’t have to go for the til

if you don’t really want all of the trimmings and that’s good.

3: Storage is great we’ve got wireless charging big cup holders a dual opening.

The center bin and huge door bins, that will take a big water bottle as well so

all in all this feels like a nice spot to sit as a driver and you kind of got

everything at your fingertips, which is good the back seats of the x-trail start

impressively because, look how wide this door opens it’s 85 degrees it looks like 90 degrees

and the people that developed this car were at pains to make the point that they do

in fact have real world children and they understand that it can be annoying

to put car seats into SUVs, whose doors just don’t open wide enough and that was

a key Development Goal for families with the New Gen X Trail and it looks like

it’s worked now, when we get this car back to the Chasing Cars test track in

Sydney will fit our child’s seats, we’ll do it all properly and really give this

car a test but it’s clear from where I’m sitting here there’s plenty of room in

the second row, now I’m six foot I have enough Headroom even though the seat

base feels quite High there is a benefit to that though because, you have this

kind of stadium seating which is going to mean that kids sitting back here are

less likely to get car thickness because they can actually see out the windscreen

which definitely helps they can also see out, these big side windows and if you

get the til you get sun shades as well the til it might make sense for some

families you do get those sun shades you also get memory seats up, front and you

get heated seats in the back which is nice if you live in the southern part of

Australia and have quite cold Winters but, all x-trails have this nice leather

trim we’ve got air vents here for the second row four USB ports.


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