I’m Tom Baker this is 10Terra and this is my everything review of the 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser GR Sport.

From the Australian Coastline to the Red Dirt of the Outback

and forests just like these, I’m going to be driving this four-wheel

drive the best part of 5 000 kilometers over the next two weeks to find out,

whether the 300 series gr sport is the perfect vehicle to own here in Australia,

sure it’s expensive, it’s an Indulgence, and it’s hard to get your hands on one

of these vehicles is there a reason for that, we’re gonna find out on this.

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Your next car brought to you by all right, let’s set the GR sport for a

bit of a drive, but first I’ll explain where I am I’m back in the 10Terra

test track the car’s got just over 4 000 K’s on it, since I collected it from

Toyota, so I’m really coming to you now like after my full experience with

the car and doing a bit of off-roading, because we do have a sort of moderate

off-road loop at our test track, which is good for kind of testing

you know dual cabs and four-wheel drives although, the capabilities of

the GR sport, are definitely Beyond this track it’s actually a really capable

vehicle, the basic specs are 235 millimeters of ground clearance you’ve

got a 32 Degree approach angle 25 degree departure angle, which is largely the

same as the regular Land Cruiser the gr sport differs by the fact, it’s got

triple lockers we’ve got the center locking differential that you get on

most Land Cruiser specs and then you also have front and rear exclusively in

Australia on the GR sport, which is pretty cool and you’ve also got your

drive modes you’ve got your crawl control and the GI sport also has a kdss

which is going to get you even more articulation than the standard car and

so all of that adds up, to be heaps of capability uh for where we’re doing our

testing now but of course most of the driving, that I did was not off-road a

lot of gravel road stuff a lot of tar stuff divided into State highways and

then also a 100K an hour Country Roads and it just eats it all up I mean I

don’t want to sound like a Land Cruiser brochure, but it’s just super clear that

the Land Cruiser 300 was developed in Australia because it’s extremely good at

doing the stuff that owners require of the car in this country, which I think is

mainly long-haul driving in rural areas but as I’m demonstrating now

affording a lot of mud and heading straight for our Mogul course it, can do

all of this stuff too which is really nice and in fact the Moguls is a great

one to talk about because this is terrain that will really challenge any

SUV most four-wheel drives and virtually every dual cab and it’s actually just.

2: Hilarious how easy the 300 series makes this especially the gr sport you.

Actually, barely feel the Moguls there’s so much articulation in this chassis,

which is just amazing I love that, so it’ll do your off-roading stuff you

might prefer a Prado or a Fortuna or some other, ute-based wagon because

they’re narrower um the 300 series is pretty large but,

it’s a it’s surprisingly Nimble the visibility is good and the tech

and the hardware here is really great but,

pulling back onto the road, what can I tell you about how this thing drives in

the the places, where you’ll most likely use it 99 of the time being in the burbs

and on the highway well pretty well the 300 series is 20 stiffer than the old

200 series so it kind of handles more like, one car the steering is a little

bit quicker in terms of the ratio the front end kind of goes where you want it

to go the handling is decent you know you’ve got to respect the factory in a

big, four-wheel drive here but it will actually work with you on a country road.

3: Which is good apart from the dastardly Lane keeping system which still works.

Via the brakes so it’s always tugging at the brakes and stuff super annoying I

found myself turning down off every single time, which is bad because it

means it’s not going to be able to help you, when you really need it and it’s

also why subtle tuning is so crucial but overall you know I like the handling

it’s really improved the rid,e you can definitely still tell in terms of ride

quality that your inner body on frame vehicle it’s a bit firm at times even on

big chunky tires and 18 inch wheels, you’re going to notice bumps and

shutters a bit more through the cabin than you will in a car based full drive

or SUV like an Audi Q7 for instance but, of course you’re getting a whole bunch

more capability and wheel articulation than you’ll ever get in a car like, that

engine wise I know a lot of people are going to miss the V8 but the simple fact

is the 3.3 turbo V6 twin turbo V6 diesel is a cracker 227 kilowatts of power 700

newton meters of torque 10 speed, Auto super under stressed on the highway

hence why I was able to get such a good fuel economy figure out, of it and it’s

quiet but when you’re on it and you need to rev it out it actually sounds pretty

good I mean you know that sounds kind of tough, I like that in terms of zero to

100 it’s about half a second slower than a Sahara, this car probably because of

the all-terrain tires I was able to get 8.6 seconds 0 to 100 and stopping from

100 to zero in just over 40 meters not bad for something, so big and heavy this

was no ordinary review of the Toyota Land Cruiser GR Sport because I actually

had reason to be in Adelaide I wasn’t going to fly I needed to drive as I was

carrying delicate goods and I also had to detour it through Northern Victoria

which is not really on the way okay but what it gave me the chance to do was

complete a 4 000 kilometer round trip with a car, that is arguably designed for

exactly this sort of work in mind while the GR Sport is the best Land Cruiser,

spec for off-roading which we also do as a part of this review long distance

Grand Touring across Australia’s vast distances really tapping into this car’s.


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