Next to me is the car that you guys have been asking for the most in our comments.

Over the last few months this is of course, the Toyota gr Corolla the return

of a hot Corolla it’s 62 300 before on-road costs here in Australia, yet it

packs a 221 kilowatt version of the GR yaris’s turbo three-cylinder engine and

a true full drive system, that lets you send up to 70 of torque at all times to

the rear wheels and that means, that this thing can do cool stuff like this on a

skid pad as well as just be a joy to drive on a country road or on a track.

1: Like this but let’s not make the gr Corolla too much of a foregone.

Conclusion in today’s article, I’m going to take you through everything you need to

know about this car, from how to get one which is going to be difficult, I’ll just

flag that straight away to what the interior and the features and specs are

like for this car, How much stuff? You can get into that boot which is quite tiny,

I’m going to tell you right now and then, we’re going to take it for a drive on

road on track track and on the skid pad to find out exactly, what the new Toyota

GR Corolla is like but before we get started hit subscribe below 10Terra

honest reviews of your next car brought to you by, but I think it makes the most sense to

start right here on track because if you’re buying a gr product, it’s probably

because you’re inspired by the Motorsport Heritage of Toyota and the

fact, that this brand is kind of finally getting back into building these cars

now I say finally but really the gr Corolla is kind of the um culmination of

a family of gr products there, could be more in future but the brand got started

arguably with the 86 back in 2012. Turn on the demister here, we’re fogging

up, it really got going with the GI Yaris a couple of years ago

we’ve had the gr super of course, as well and now in my books we’ve got a really

important member of that family the GR Corolla, because at least in this country

five door hot hatches are a recipe for Success among car fans,

because you know they are practical in away,

they’re easy to live with you might be able to convince your other

half to buy one And yet, when they’re like this they can

do very cool, things so let’s talk about the hardware that we’re working with

here so we’ve got the G16 engine 1.6 liter turbocharged three-cylinder petrol,

same as the GI Yaris but we’ve got a higher state of tune here 221 kilowatts

of power the same 370 newton meters of torque.

2: Which Rises to 400 newton meters if you want to try and go for the Maritza.

Edition which is going to be much harder to get in this country,

the meruto makes more torque, it’s got higher boost pressure it’s also got a

retune first and second gear ratios, but frankly the standard version of the

car is hardly a slouch it’s got stacks of torque

lots of low end torque so even if you’re kind of still in the wrong,

the wrong gear for the corner it’s going to dig you out of there, but

it’s when you get your gearing right that this car is so rewarding and of

course it is a manual only six-speed manual, there’s you know strong rumors

that Toyota are developing a performance automatic for this car just as Hyundai,

did for the I30 in the end but for now it is a bit of a purist option and that’s

great in my books especially, because the manual is a really lovely one

sort of short to moderate throw really natural clutch weighting,

we’ll get to the chassis in a sec which is just so balanced and lovely

performance for the car is is pretty good, the claim is 5.29 seconds we’ll be

testing that when we get the car back to our own test track later the meritso

shaves a little bit off that because it’s 45 kilos lighter the GCS is just

under 1500 kilos before you get me into the car so not super light kind of i30n

areas but good power to weight just under 150

kilowatts per tonne for the GCS about 153 for the meritso and of course, that

power is channeled through a proper four-wheel,

drive system not an on-demand four-wheel drive system but we’ve got selectable.

3: Torque variation the default mode is 60 40 in the front there’s a track setting.

With 50,50 which in weather like this is actually really useful, if you’re

trying to genuinely set, the best possible time or there’s my preferred setting

which is 30 to the front and 70 to the rear,

and this lets you really drive the car as if it’s rear biased because well if

it is there’s no other way to put it, so you can let the car

turn into a corner let the graceful rear end just pivot,

around off throttle and then, if you’re smooth the car will absolutely let you

pick up, that slide and turn it into oversteer which is just a great moment

for the ego there are some demand based systems, that

let you do this there’s also cars like the new Golf R and the A45 which are

much more slightly, than they used to be thanks to Twin clutch rear differentials

but this is a lot more natural there we go see big cow slide big power slide and

you really don’t have to work for it it’s just there for the taking in

the sport drive mode of course we’ve got independent rear

suspension like a regular Corolla that gives the car a lot of poise it really

helps the turn in and it’s light over the nose,

the steering has only one setting and I love that so the engineers have settled on.

The right steering weight and that’s always a good sign, there’s good talk,

it’s good power good shift an auto would probably make this thing

quicker but for me the benefit of this car is that it’s surely got to be one of

the last kind of all new hot hatches.

That really involves the driver in every part of it from

the manual to managing the attitude of the car through.


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