Sitting pretty here in Seoul red crystal is the Mazda 3 hatchback now in the past.

This small car has been one of our favorites here on Chasing Cars it looks

pretty cool it’s got a nice engine and the riding handling is among the best in the class but is that still true in 2023.

Because this shape of Mazda 3 is actually coming up on five years old

this year which feels hard to believe but, it’s true in today’s video I’m going

to take you through what the Mazda 3 gets right, what it gets wrong and what

other cars in this segment you should consider and the one that I’ve got here.

Is quite interesting because it’s the Mazda 3 evolve a nice specification and this one is the g20e hybrid so is it

worth buying the hybrid in the Mazda 3.

Continues to get so right is its interior I still think that this is the

best interior in the mainstream small car segment in Australia and it’s pretty

amazing tha,t you can pick up a Mazda 3 from 27 Grand before on-road costs in

this country the spec I’m sitting in here is the g20e Evolve hybrid hatch

1: it’s 33 Grand but a lot of the goodness that you see here you get in the regular.

Non-hybrid evolve which is 29 plus on-road cos,t and I think that car is

probably better value than this hybrid the hybrid, does pick up a few nice

features like a power driver’s seat and full keyless entry with push button

start all cars get push button start but not where you can just grab the door

handle and open it but one weird Quirk is that the hybrid system really drives

up the price for less money than this car you can actually get the G20 touring

which has leather seats as well and I know some people like those but today

it’s boiling here in Australia and the cloth seats of this particular Mazda 3

are so much better for regulating heat not only is the material better they’re

shapely supportive the electric adjustment is really generous.

The driving position is low the steering wheel feels great leather wrapped

steering wheel with paddle shifters and metal accents so the ergonomics are

beautiful and everything falls right to hand from these knurled tactile climate

control switches to the rotary controller for The mzd Connect

infotainment system which is not a touch screen so a lot of people don’t like

that it’s subjective you can tell me Below in the comments what you reckon.

But many of the materials in here are far more plush than what you’ll find in

rival cars like the Kia cerato or even the Mark 8 golf which is crazy soft on

the dash on the doors even where your leg rests the Mazda 3 feels more like an

Audi than a Volkswagen and that’s one thing that we love about this car

particularly because the price continues to be really fair however the carplay

isn’t Wireless the standard stereo is just okay and only the top of the range

gets the Bose and storage could be a little bit better though I like this

trick opening and folding Center armrest here your back seat passengers will need

to duck their head as they get in under this Slinky little roof line but once

they do they’ll find that the Mazda 3 hatch has a generous enough back seat

it’s certainly pretty cozy back here and dark because the seats are dark gray and

the headliner is black which is sporty but it does make you feel a bit more

closed in however the room on offer is sufficient for adults I’m six foot this

seat’s in my driving position legroom is good there’s a bit of a cut out for back

seat knees Headroom is actually fine which is surprising and Tow room is

decent I can feel the seat but it’s okay now in a very very pinch you could get

someone in the middle seat here but it’s not super generous but I think for like

a weekend away with friends four adults in this car will go fine but the boot

might not have space for all their stuff you do get air vents here in the back

the materials are actually wow that’s how I was not expecting that they’re

still soft here in the back and you you do get an armrest here as well with two

cup holders which is nice and generous so it’s got a big car feel in the second

row for the same price you can get them as a 3 as a hatchback or as a sedan and

it’s a sedan with a bigger boot though it does look more conservative and a lot

Of people like this hatchback pop open the manual tailgate that gets out of.

Your way quickly but it only reveals 295 liters of space which is a lot smaller

than something like a Volkswagen Golf or a Hyundai i30 but at least it’s big it’s

Square it’s a bit of a lift over here though underneath the boot floor you’ll

find a space saver spare tire not as good as a full size but certainly nice

piece of mind and check out this cool little luggage cover which gets out of

your way and conceals your stuff plus a button to lock the car from the keyless

entry system which is nice when it comes to running costs the Mazda 3 isn’t too

expensive to keep on the road in terms of fuel consumption. this really is a

very mild hybrid it’s probably not worth buying the hybrid in the Mazda 3 unless

you want the extra equipment meant.


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