The Kia ev6 is one of our favorite electric cars here on chasing cars and that’s because like the Porsche ticon.

The ev6 actually doesn’t make a big deal about being electric despite its name

it’s actually just really good to drive no matter what fuels it now this one is

the top of the tree the ev6 GT which has just landed in Australia.

1: This week at a price a hair under 100 000 before on-road costs this one painted moonscape.

Mat is 103 Grand before cost so you’re looking at about 110 drive away, that’s

one expensive Kia and in today’s Article, my question is really can they justify

charging six figures for this ev6 GT a bit of a spoiler alert is this car is

probably much better to drive than you might expect but the GT’s biggest

problem is that the GT line is already so good and it’s 13 Grand cheaper, so can

you justify the jump Kia Australia is expecting plenty of people to do just

that they’re thinking hundreds of Aussies are going to line up to buy this

car in the coming months 2200 ev6 sales projected here for 2023. Will they pull

it off let’s find out by making a start inside so hit subscribe down below

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it’s expensive but at least the ev6 GT comes fully optioned for Australia with

summer Tires Matrix LED headlights and a standard sunroof, as well really turning

it into a GT car Grand Touring this isn’t really meant for carving up race

tracks it’s more meant for quickly making progress across broken up

Australian country roads, which is why it has a bespoke suspension tune and you’ll

be comfortable as you do that partially because you’re sitting in some really

great seats the best seats, you can get on any ev6 they are bucket seats they’re

a completely different seat to the standard car and one of the consequences

of that is that the ev6 GT is actually unrated by end cap, because when you

change the seat it actually changes all, that stuff about Whiplash protection and

whatnot but what I can tell you is that the seats are very very supportive but

they’re also quite contoured and narrow, so I would recommend trying out this car

before buying it if your frame is much bigger than mine but I’ve been very

2: Happy for a few hours driving this car in these seats today they’ve got.

Alcantara they’ve or dynamica, I should say and they’ve got a neon green accents,

matching the brake calipers and matching, the GT button here on the steering wheel

which Kia says is perfect for closed track tracks like this one in Victoria

whereas the sport drive mode is really, what they’ve tuned in for Country Road

use the steering wheel broadly, the same as in the regular ev6 we’ve got the neon

green stitching as well though and then looking further afield, you’ve got a very

similar dashboard to the GT line same sort of detailing on it you’ve got two

12.3 inch screens they’re easy to use still no Wireless Apple carplay or

Android auto, but you get some unique GT Graphics as well some soft materials but

on the whole the interior is not luxurious or even that premium it’s just

serviceable comfortable and the ergonomics are all really good, you’ve

pretty much got what you need in here some notable emissions no cooled seats

unlike the GT lime they’re only heated steering wheels heated, as well but you

do get a Meridian sound system with surround sound it’s pretty middlely in

my opinion it sounds okay, but not as good as in some other vehicles at this

price point especially, the model Y which has a superb stereo the back seat of the

ev6 is really spacious in terms of leg room that seats in my driving position

it’s pretty much limo like back here thanks to the huge wheelbase on this car,

tow room it’s a bit of a problem these manually adjusted front buckets get

super low and so it does impede, your toe space a little bit but Headroom is

absolutely fine now unfortunately, the egmp platform which sits underneath this

car doesn’t have a cut out in the batteries structure for your toes, in the

back so your knees are a little bit high but it’s certainly not as bad as the

pole star 2 performance that I had as my long term so if you just splay your legs

slightly you’ll be comfortable back here, there is a fifth seat in the middle

you’ve got vehicle to load capability down there and also on the exterior of

the car so you can send 3.6 kilowatts of power to another device like a fridge,

I personally have had a barista coffee made by the power of an EV6, so

anything’s possible and we’ve got two USBC ports here in the back as well plus

events in the B pillars hard plastics on the doors feels quite cheap at over 100

3: Grand drive away but they have concentrated on the Mechanicals rather.

than the premium fittings in the interior these seats feature the same

suede-like finish as up front and while, we don’t need it uh today given that

it’s summer in Australia the back seats also have two stage seat heating just

like those in the front the rear end is in my opinion the EV6’s

best angle and it’s pretty difficult to tell, the GT from behind you’ve got a GT

badge very similar to the GT line badge except it doesn’t say line and there is

a unique diffuser, but it’s subtle and Kia tells us they were going for a

sleeper aesthetic with this car, which I love I’ve got a power tailgate and that

opens up really promptly to reveal, the same size boot as other ev6s it’s not

the world’s best boot because you’ve got so much vertical space cut away because

of the sort of Coupe aesthetic of This SUV but it’s fine it’s got plenty of

space you’ve got a sun blind here nothing under the boot floor no spare so

instead you have a tire Mobility kit so keep that in mind if you do lots of

touring on really rough roads hopefully nothing goes wrong I’ve got a button up

here to close that tailgate and the last thing, we’re going to talk about before

we go for a drive is how much range this EV has and how much energy it consumes

when it comes to charging the ev6’s secret weapon is its 800 volt.


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