Tank cool name and you can tell your mates and anyone else who wants to listen.

That you drive a tank if you stump up, for one of these the gwm tank 300

that’s just launched in Australia, 10terra honest reviews of your next

car brought to you by the tank 300 is a 4×4 wagon.

That competes with the likes of Toyota Fortuna and Isuzu mux, and like its

Rivals it offers body on frame architecture as well as hardcore.

1: Dedicated 4×4 but unlike its key Rivals the tank is petrol hybrid.

So let’s check it, out including a hardcore off-road course rather than opt for diesel power

as usually favored by the 4×4 wagon competition, the GWM Tank 300 offers a

choice of petrol or petrol electric hybrid powertrains, it’s the ladder that

really brings an interesting twist to the dedicated all-terrain format

and it’s the hybrid version, that sits as

the harder core tank 300 offering, that we

drove at the recent Australian launch internal combustion is a 2 liter a

turbocharged petrol 4 and at 180 kilowatts and 380 newton meters, it’s

quite a potent one at that it’s paired with an electric motor, that outputs 78

kilowatts and 268 newton meters total system figures are 258 kilowatts and 615

newton meters in comparison, that’s well up on fortunate diesels 150 kilowatts

and 500 newton meters other crucial stats well, it’s thirsty gwm says the

tank 300 is certified for 10.3 liters per hundred, which is pretty poor for a

petrol electric hybrid but the company is working towards reclassification

that’s closer to 8 liters it’ll also tow 2.5 tonnes brake which is a little down

on the four tuners 3200 kilogram figure, but the elephant in the room is how

petrol electric motivation goes in a challenging off-road environment, so it’s

perhaps not surprising that, the tank 300s local launch program was conducted

entirely across tough and challenging 4×4 four courses held at the famed

Australian Automotive Research Center in Victoria the tank 300 sits on gwn’s

all-terrain dedicated p-71 chassis that is also shared with a larger tank 500.

2: Drivers sent through a 9-speed automatic transmission exclusively for the hybrid.

or an 8-speed Auto for the petrol its 4×4 system, is what gwm calls torque

on demand and it offers proper high and low dual range, that’s selectable once

the vehicle is stationary, the tank 300 also offers a variety of Drive modes

including Sport and a mud mode that holds the engine RPM higher

and the drive modes can be switched on the fly, when you’re on the move

right let’s see how the tank goes off-road so the first thing that you

notice with the tankiness petrol electric hybrid system, is how quiet it

is so you just don’t get that diesel rattle

and when you do change Drive modes, it makes some strange sounds

right let’s put it in a follow that’s weird

the tank stamping is actually quite softly set,

more so than you might find in say a Fortuner or a Isuzu mu-x

so going through here although it’s extremely rough the ride is actually

quite cushiony not the essence you just touch the

throttle and you can really feel that electric torque, there really is a

surprising amount of grit from what’s essentially road going rubber the tank

300 has a fantastic 300 degree camera system, and it provides a forward view of

hard to see terrain such as drop-offs and even an undercarriage view so next

up the offset warps which really test your articulation and I’m not going to

put the rear diff lock on but, just leave it in four low and gonna see where how.

Right, we’re uh lifting the right rear wheel and does that easy

so next up I’m a little nervous because, we’re not in the diesel we’re in a

petrol with high voltage electric power and we’re about to go through 600 mil of

wading through water so fingers crossed,

we’d have to go for a swim and our sensors are up but,

the water’s halfway at the doors that was relatively easy,

all right back to four high and uh we’ll see what crazy sounds it does this time

range all right so we’ve got some fairly aggressive humps right now and four

3: Heights see if it bottoms out against the underbody protection pretty good.

got one more again it’s surprising, how quiet this

tank is with its petrol electric motivation

no Hill’s descent control, we’ll just ride it a little bit on the brakes easy

another mildly challenging ascent and we’re going to try it this time again in

four High traction from these road going hand Cooks,

so the approach and departure angles for the tank are around 32 33 degrees,

which is actually pretty good and ground clearance although, we’ve just

scraped there it’s 226 millimeters right we’ve got a steep Ascent now but,

I’m going to keep it in four high which, I’m a little bit nervous about what I’m

hoping is that the electric torque will actually just drag the tank up the hill

let’s check it out I’m actually only using a really light throttle here

and it’s actually getting quite steep wisely Bridge the ruts and it does it easily

pretty impressive one plus with the electric motor is that it brings a lot

of effortless torque at low speed, which is very handy for negotiating off-road

challenges uphill the electric torque really does make for effortless progress

up Steep inclines and it’s here that the petrol engine certainly doesn’t seem to

be doing much of the heavy lifting, I am pretty skeptical about anything as

petrol electric off-road particularly that water weighting. but, I must say the

tank has demonstrated some pretty good 4×4 chops, and I’m pretty impressed the

tank 300 hybrid comes with a locking rear differential on all grades but it

also adds a front locking diff on high spec versions

so swimming between four high and four low you do have to stop and knock it into neutral

but you can change between the different Drive modes such as mud

and sand and Sport on the Fly looks wise, it’s perhaps more Tonka truck

cute than it is Tonka truck tough and, it owes more of its styling to Jeep

Wrangler than it does say Fortuna or mux the tank 300 is offered in two trim levels.


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