Over my shoulder is the new Lexus RX now in the past few years almost every new Lexus release has been really impressive.

Because the company has been working on its driving Dynamics in a massive way and the new RX is just the latest in

that Trend the old car was really well built and plush but, it was no fun to

drive this one is an entirely different proposition as I’m going to explain in

today’s video the other thing I’m going to do is give, you two very strong

recommendations about what kind of RX to buy if you decide that this is the right

luxury SUV, for you spoiler alert one of

them is over my shoulder this is an RX 350h Hybrid luxury with enhancement.

1:Package but there’s one other model that’s also worth considering you’ll.

Have to stay tuned the previous gen Lexus RX wasn’t a good car

because it was a good car, if what you wanted was a properly luxurious vehicle

that was high quality and wasn’t going to let you down but you had to put up

with fairly soggy Dynamics particularly earlier on in that generation now the

new one is just not like that, you’re still getting a car with classic Lexus

Toyota reputation and likely reliability, but now you’re getting a far more modern

and Chic interior and you’re also getting really good driving Dynamics I’m

going to take the car for a drive in just a few minutes and we’ll talk about

why that is so but let’s start here inside, because this car that I’m sitting

in here this is an RX 350h luxury with enhancement pack and this is really what

I would think of as a minimum viable specification it’s five grand more

expensive than the absolute base model which is just the straight luxury no

enhancement pack but, you don’t want that car it’s got vinyl seats it doesn’t have

seat cooling it doesn’t have anything like wireless charging it’s a bit of a

stripper model and I would just avoid that I would definitely tick, the box for

the enhancement pack, because it’s five grand well spent you’re upgraded to

genuine leather which is more breathable it’s also perforated it’s still got seat

heating but you’re also adding seat cooling which is absolutely terrific for

summer in Australia it keeps you colder calmer happier in the car you are

getting wireless charging as I mentioned, you get a panoramic sunroof with

the enhancement pack you get a more impressive digital instrument cluster as

well and a few other bits and Bobs that makes this the easy sort of entry level

RX to consider now this one is green outside love that and we’ve also got the

Hazel tan interior and this looks really beautiful brightens up the cabin quite a

lot it’s a taste we’ll mix with black and you have a dark headliner too so I

really like what Lexus has done, with the colors of this car as for the interior

design it’s up to the minute we’ve got a large unfortunately piano black panel

here which is going to get quite covered in finger Prints but it houses a large

14 inch touchscreen now Australia doesn’t, get the misery spec nine inch

touchscreen that is the base grade in America we get the 14 inches standard

and it’s a really good system big touch targets Wireless Apple carplay although

only wired Android auto but, all grades get navigation dab radio Bluetooth and

the base stereo which is in this car is a 12 speaker Panasonic unit which is

acceptable unfortunately to get the mark Levinson stereo you have to go to the

sports luxury which is twenty thousand dollars more expensive than the car

we’re sitting in here that’s a lot of money to spend you do get stuff like

semi aniline leather and very nice wood or bamboo trim as well plus a few other.

Features but that’s a big golf to jump across in my experience now the tech is

good it works pretty well you’ve got this new steering wheel and a dark gray

it’s got these touch sensors d-pads here which you actually kind of control

through the heads up display thankfully you can see the HUD through polarized

sunglasses which is actually quite rare So Lexus has done really well there.

2:The Air conditioning works well the materials are as you would expect super.

Plush and luxurious and storage is good too plus seat Comfort is above average I

would say we’ve got two-way Lumbar and power adjustment across the front seats

here higher grades do get four-way lumbar which is even better but I was

happy doing a couple of hours in this car and I didn’t start to get

uncomfortable so up front I think it’s impressive let’s check out the second

row the back seat of the RX is bright Airy and roomy particularly, if you go

for a lighter interior color and the sunroof there’s lots of light back here

it’s going to help avoid car sickness, the standard rear air vents are going to

do that as well that’s definitely a nice feature to have but in terms of room on

offer I’m six foot as you can see I’m really comfortable back here and notably

the RX has a much more comfortable back seat than the forthcoming Lexus RZ which

is a similar car to this except that it’s all electric that car has a

skateboard battery under the floor which drives your legs up in the back here in

the RX 350h Hybrid obviously the battery is much smaller and that means it.

3:doesn’t have to be under my feet and as such my legs are supported it might.

Sound like a small thing but over years of ownership it will add up to make this

a more comfortable car however it has tailby permissions which not everybody

wants now leg room is very good behind my own driving position headroom’s good

tow rims excellent as well you could get someone in the middle because the width

is still fairly generous for the RX seat back pockets high quality materials

temperature zone two USBC ports you’re getting a lot of stuff back here plus a

heavy high quality flip down armrest with cup holders these seats also fold 40 20 40.


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